Friday, March 26, 2010

Rantau Abang - Rain Rain No Need to Go Away

This is at Rantau Abang again, our favourite beach on the East Coast. :) 

I was there last week, focussing on getting some vitamin D, after spending two weeks cooped up indoors, downing copious amounts of caffeine (not good I know), working on work.  

This is definitely a different look for Rantau Abang from my previous visits. It's always been bright and sunny; blue skies, hot hot sun, beautiful puffy clouds; we had those too this trip, but this time, we also had dark rainy tropical thunderstorm days; two in fact.

It's not as bad as I probably make it sound. I actually loved that it stormed and raged. It was wonderful to look at the gathering clouds; and to watch the storm come in from the sea. After taking this picture, I raced against it, towards shelter, not for my sake, but for my camera's!!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latin Americans in Terengganu!

Our second trip to the east coast this year! Second of many to be sure! No matter how many times one goes to the same place, there's always something new waiting to be discovered.

This time around, I saw a pretty looking beach from the main road and yelled to the driver (aka travelling buddy) to turn right, right now! We were going at maybe 80kph, so I got yelled at of course. I apologised immediately of course, but please make a u-turn right now because we just passed a lovely looking beach! The beach was lovely (except for the rubbish). I don't have a nice enough picture to put up on here though :(

We found something else on the beach; an Argentinian/Mexican couple that has been travelling around the world on their motorbike for the past 8 years! Talk about wow. Alejandro and Guadalupe have been in Asia for almost 4 months now and in this country almost a week when we met them, riding around and camping by the beach or in someone's backyard! 

They have a website in Spanish and English. Around the World on a Motorbike

A sweet couple with a truly romantic story to tell. Alejandro had started out solo out of Argentina some 8 years ago, with Alaska in mind.  But like that saying goes, man plans but god decides; in Mexico, he met and fell in love with Guadalupe and all plans to Alaska got waylaid! He invited her to join him in his travels. She said yes! and they decided to travel the world, starting from Greece. Not sure what happens to the Alaskan dream. Maybe after they complete their wanderlust? And then do one last trip? Who knows. Wish them all the best!

They're so brave too. To travel with not a lot of money; no sponsors, just raising enough money selling handmade jewelry to make it to the next destination! They hadn't any jewelry on them when we saw them, but they were looking for a quiet spot to make some to sell at a bike fair sometime in April in Kelantan.


Travelling is not without its dangers; especially on bike and its always good to display important medical  information about oneself. Both of them are O+. Me too :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kuala Lumpur - Bye Bye Birdie

No, it's not a musical. Nor a comedy. Just a baby bird, learning to fly. A bit apprehensive, a bit curious, a bit tired. A lot tired maybe.

The mummy bird (or maybe it was the daddy bird; I can't really tell) could be heard tweeting and chirping, coaxing this baby to fly.

He did fly, maybe 15 meters and landed here, the bottom of an electronic sliding gate, and stayed there for a bit.

I was about to leave then but with that birdie squatting there, I hung about a bit. Because I wanted to take pictures, and because I was worried I might scare it if the gate started sliding. I needn't have worried though; he stayed put even when the gate moved. I guess he was too tired to bother. 

When we returned, the baby was gone. And apparently they never return. Not to say hi. Not even to have a look at the nest that held it safe and warm when it was just an egg. Ah well. C'est la vie I suppose. Bye bye birdie. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hartamas : looking up


We had such pretty skies last week; puffy clouds, stretchy clouds, cotton candy clouds.. so visually breathtaking, I couldn't help but develop neck cramps! 
This was driving home in the morning, I had to stop and capture the sky. Good thing too; this week we've seen mostly overcast skies.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Red under the sun


It's not just us that gets red under the sun :)

Not sure what this soft stem is called but it gets a beautiful shade of deeper red as it matures. That's what I noticed anyway. Maybe it's just my imagination. Don't we let our imaginations run wild sometimes?
And it's at the same place that I found Pink Under the Sun .

And a bit of wonderful news : I might go again soon! Yaay!