Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kuala Lumpur - Bye Bye Birdie

No, it's not a musical. Nor a comedy. Just a baby bird, learning to fly. A bit apprehensive, a bit curious, a bit tired. A lot tired maybe.

The mummy bird (or maybe it was the daddy bird; I can't really tell) could be heard tweeting and chirping, coaxing this baby to fly.

He did fly, maybe 15 meters and landed here, the bottom of an electronic sliding gate, and stayed there for a bit.

I was about to leave then but with that birdie squatting there, I hung about a bit. Because I wanted to take pictures, and because I was worried I might scare it if the gate started sliding. I needn't have worried though; he stayed put even when the gate moved. I guess he was too tired to bother. 

When we returned, the baby was gone. And apparently they never return. Not to say hi. Not even to have a look at the nest that held it safe and warm when it was just an egg. Ah well. C'est la vie I suppose. Bye bye birdie. :)


  1. AW! That's a little sad! But as you say... that's life! And the bird is so cute! I'm sure he is still a charmer, wherever he made it to.

    I once saw a baby bald eagle learning to fly and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Dad and I were fishing in AK so we just chilled in the boat and watched the day-long lesson. There were some fantastic bloopers!

  2. haha, I bet there were!

    So glad you have that experience to share with your dad! Lucky you!!

  3. kesian tu birdie.. dia penat bah tu kali...

  4. ...a subject that is close to my heart...thanks for sharing dearie...hope the little one survived...:)

  5. Ton! Hiiiii! I haven't seen him again, so I take it he is now a full fledged winged one! :) do you know what species he is?

    Ya ba, budak hutan, betul tu :)

    Thank you JW :)

  6. That is a sweet photo, it is hard watching little babies make their first steps but we all have to try to learn to fly don't we.

  7. You're lucky to witness such a sweet moment. It's cool that the birdie rested on those beautiful ornate gate too.

  8. So sweet.... incredibly sweet photos!!!!!!
    I hope the little sweety did make it...!!!!

    All my compliments....Your writing is sensational.....!!! English is not my mother language but I do notice your marvellous writing....your style and your enormous vocabulary....!
    ...are you writing on a book...?

    thanks for your lovely "cat" comment!!!!!!
    ciao ciao elvira


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