Sunday, October 18, 2009

a beautiful waterfall in Sumatra - people

Our trek up Lubuk Hitam, and generally our stay in Bungus Beach was all the more memorable through people, locals and fellow travellers, that we met there. :)

Hady and Taufik whom we met on our way up to Lubuk Hitam waterfalls - a three tiered waterfall just a few kilometers from Bungus Beach. The bay in the background opens to the Indian Ocean. A fantastic view on the way to the waterfalls.

Yanti, an ultra-cheerful, ultra friendly local girl, who offered us a ride back to our losmen. I had lost my sandals on the trek up the waterfalls, and was walking on the road in socks! This picture was taken by David, a French sailor/traveller, waiting for his boat from Thailand to pick him up en route to Madagascar!

David took this picture of us. C'est cool! The structure behind us is a restaurant that Raoul is building. He has big dreams for his little losmen!

One of the many many bathing pools along the river leading up to the waterfall..

.... teeming with nibbling fish!

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