Friday, October 30, 2009

Kunak ~ see food seafood!

I took this video while holidaying off Tabawan Island off Darvel Bay on the east coast of Sabah, Christmas 2008. And posted it to my youtube.

Guess what.

Someone expressed disgust at learning that these sea creatures were destined for the dinner table. I guess that is their prerogative. It would be better though, I think, if one stopped being an outsider looking in and tried and stepped into another's shoe and looked at things from that person's world. :)

I was waiting for my boat ride to come take me to an island. I had been observing this family of five maybe, three young kids in tow, in the water, poking about, wading and just looked like they were collecting shells out of the water. When they came out of the water, I was quite curious to see what it was they had collected, it turned out to be sea snails, a common (delicious) food in Sabah. :) I asked if I could take a video and they were kind enough to let me :)

Speaking Sabahan Malay :
lady : inda mau guyang suda tu (it doesn't want to move anymore)
me : tadi dia mau guyang (it moved just a sec ago)
inaudible chatter, giggling and more giggling
me : sya tangkap gambar dia mau guyang-guyang k? (let me film them moving about k?)
observing in silence
me : wah, pandai dia mau guyang kan, tapi ini inda mau kan? (wow, that one is moving, but this one wont huh?)
lady : nda (no)
man : nda pandai dia (nope it wont)
inaudible chatter, chills, more giggling
me : cuba kau pigang anu tu, kalau kau pigang dia punya anu tu, kasi kaluar ka dia punya anu tu? (that's me being imprecise..haha.. try touching that thing, if you touch it, will it stick its thingamijig out? my friends hate when i use the word 'anu'... it's a word that refers to anything.. in this case i meant its foot/ muscle/ tail/ whatever)
a bit of poking
lady : kacau-kacau sikit (poke them, move them)
more poking
me : kalau kau (inaudible.. even i cant understand what i said!! haha) dia jalan ka tu ah? (if i did (this?) will it move?)
me : tida mau suda, kalau kacau dia diam (it wont respond anymore, it is shutting down)
lady : diam suda dia (it wont move anymore)
me : ba ok la (ok then)
me : na ni na ni (oh look at this)
man : kalau kau di pulau isuk, tangahari kau puas-puas (inaudible) gambar ni (if you went to the island in the afternoon, you'd have a grand time taking pictures)
me : tida mau suda dia, ok la, thank you ah (it wont move anymore, ok then, thank you)
lady : welcome
inaudible chatter

And this is how it looks like ready to eat. Best grilled and eaten plain. And no mayonnaise! Yukk.

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