Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sara the Magazinator

Tuesday, Jul 23 2008, 7.23pm

She entered the car this evening announcing that she was one.

She defines a magazinator as a person who NEEDS (note the emphasis) and LOVES magazines.

Other words she coined to describe herself :

questionator - a person who keeps asking questions

.... hmm, I know there are more but at the moment can't remember any!!!!


  1. What type of magazines does Sara Pink read, ah? Do you know there's national geographic kid's mag which i think is very interesting for a questionator like Sara Pink....Love aunt lorraine

  2. What else?? Girl magazines la! haha... but I've made a deal with her... no more new magazines until she's finished reading Roald Dahl's Matilda... and so far she loves the book. She's treating Matilda like she's a real person. Every night she looks forward to 'meet' Matilda!!! I haven't seen the Nat Geog kid mag.. but i'll keep an eye out for it! Kotohuadan!!


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