Friday, February 5, 2010

The Blue Lotus

Wandering around someone's garden while waiting for a friend, I found this gorgeous flower! Lucky break for me!

The little bee was struggling to get nectar? I don't know but I made sure to get my camera quickly and capture the moment!
I love the title to this post too - The Blue Lotus - one of the titles from the Tintin series - my favourite comic book hero! Woot!


  1. What a fantastic photo Louise! There are a few different colour contrasts going on, and I love how you captured the petals so crisply!

  2. Thanks pic! I love how you're able to define what exactly you like about a picture. That's amazing :)

  3. You're most welcome! I SO enjoy getting feedback on my work - so it's something I strive for when I comment on others' shots! :o)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. This is a perfect shot for the flower. The shades of blue are so contrasting and they lend a glow effect on the yellow. Is the object in yellow segment a bee? So, captivating!

  5. Hi Thomas!
    Yes, the flower was even more beautiful in real life!

    And yes, that's a bee in there!! :)


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