Monday, February 1, 2010

J D Salinger

I mourn quite a bit. It's a persona I adopt to suit the 'moody writer' image. It suits me. Most of the time.

That's my netbook. And that's a cup of Masala tea to help me mourn (or calm down or just daydream in general).

So Mr Salinger left us last week. It was a bit of a sad moment. Not that I knew him personally. But I had read Catcher in the Rye, and was quite affected by it. So that allows me some kind of license to make a tribute of some sort doesn't it? Kinda. A bit. I guess.

My favourite bit in the book is the visit to his old English teacher and the events during the visit that, to me, lead to Holden's disenchantment with adults in general, and an eye opener for me to the unelegantness of being old.

I just spent the morning looking for the book. And couldn't find it. Hummm. Guess I left it back at my old house. Must get it this weekend. And read the book again. For old time's sake. :)

Au revoir Mr Salinger.

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