Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rantau Abang : An orange on the beach

I thought it was pretty exciting to find an orange among the broken shells on the beach. I'd never seen that before and this was long before Chinese New Year

The two week long Chinese New Year celebration (Feb 14 - Feb 28) is now officially over, but I only remembered this picture today. Should have remembered earlier. Darn.

There's a tradition among the Chinese single women (not sure if it's a Malaysian thing or an all over the world thing) to throw oranges into the sea (or any body of water) during Chinese Valentines (15th day of the Chinese New Year) in order that their future husband might pick up their orange.

Oh, but before they throw their orange into the water, they write their phone number onto the fruit. Oh, and the men will be right there, waiting to catch the orange of the woman they fancy. Make that orangeS and women. Using nets too to catch as many oranges as they can!

I think it's such a cute tradition. I think we Asians have so many cute traditions. :)

Anyway, so I'm wondering if this was such an orange. Only, it wasn't the right time then. And there was no ink on the orange either. Hmm, it could be someone who couldn't wait two more weeks! Perhaps.

I think next (Chinese) Valentine's I might throw an orange into a lake. :)

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  1. What a nice and unexpected orange ... like a Venus being born on the beach among the shells.. I can feel the sun on my skin too !
    I like your explanation of the "mobile orange" meant for a message cast to hazards ...

  2. That's a cute tradition, yea. And this is indeed an interesting shot for Skywatch, thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  3. A few days back I had an assignment to shoot an orange in a different manner. It wold have been great if I could have thought of something like this. This is amazing!

    Pixellicious Photos

  4. Fantastic, amazing photo and a very interesting story of a tradition. It was a fun read. Thanks!

  5. What a fantastic photo. Neat find! That tradition *is* very sweet, thank you for sharing it with us! :o)

  6. :) yea, finding that orange really made my morning. I went back the next morning, but it was gone. guess the sea decided to take it back.

  7. What a striking photo - the subject matter, the angle, the colors - this is special. And I learned from your text :)

  8. Hey, you DO have an orange post! :)
    That's a neat tradition, writing phone numbers on fruit. With my luck the fruit will never call. :)
    Nice capture, Louise.

  9. Thank you for showing the wonderful sea.


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