Tuesday, June 24, 2008

lost in hulu langat

Last Sunday, we went out to Hulu Langat to look for a waterfall that we'd been to earlier on Mother's Day (which happened to coincide with my birthday this year).

We weren't sure about the name and weren't even sure how to get to Hulu Langat! We relied on road signs. Surprisingly there were none!

Finally, we got directions from a mother and son everything banana snack business on an empty carpark lot off the highway (...in the excitement of getting lost, I forgot to take pictures).

We asked a few more people after them. The son didn't seem like he knew his way very well. It felt like too long a way (from what we could recall from the last trip). But everyone gave the same directions, so we stuck with the directions.

Drove uphill, downhill, passed some spooky looking cemeteries, topekong (should have taken pictures! but I guess when you're spooked you just forget!), a lonely road (and it was getting dark)...

Anyway... to make a long story short, we didn't find the waterfall, but we did find this very pretty (man-made, I think) lake!

As it was getting quite late, we only stopped a few minutes for pictures. We plan to go back the first weekend in July!!! We passed an orang Asli settlement, and I saw that they had a little by the road shop which I want to have a better look at.

Oh when we come back here, we'll be looking for Sg Gabai waterfalls.

I had my sweat pants and shoes in the car.

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