Monday, June 16, 2008

orchids orchids orchids

Sneaked (hmm.. or is it snuck?? anyway...) away for a longer lunch than usual some 2 3 weeks ago to look at orchids 20 minutes away from work at the edge of KL!!
I should qualify that I dont normally do this (sneaking away stuff) but it was a welcome change to staring at two white (plaster) walls and a glass one 8 hours of the day.. (oh, and I forget... the computer screen)

For those not in the know(poor you), the park is on this little hill opposite the bird park (at the edge of KL). That's the path leading up to the top of the hill... not quite as strenuous as going up Mt Kinabalu!! Hardly broke a sweat, and bonus! It was a pleasant afternoon... not too hot, a breeze that came and went and a little drizzle that daren't turn into a terrific thunderstorm while I was out there.
I can't remember if my mom had an orchid like this, but it reminded me of her anyway.
I think she had some like these.
I know she had these!!! I remember asking her for some from her garden to bring to class so I could be teacher's pet (thats me learning how to suck up at a young age, oh yes, gaining teacher points was big at the time)
I dont think mom had these.
I know she had these or something that looked very very similiar to these!

Pitcher plants!! Only we called them Monkey Cup... I only started calling them pitcher plants after I learnt to read. We used to live next to this rambling secondary tropical forest and there were many many pitcher plants growing there. I remember looking into the cavities to watch ants trapped inside trying frantically to escape those unforgiving walls (not too dissimiliar from an action-packed scene from a b-movie minus the sound effects)

More orchids on the way back to the car.
Can you see the red dragonfly just right of center? I have to learn about composition and focus and lighting and ...

Hmm.. I should do this more often!

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