Wednesday, June 25, 2008

out and about in Sentul

One Fine Day (this morning) in Sentul!

I've never ventured into Sentul! And it's only a 5 min drive from home! Less without traffic. I went this morning to collect a package at the Sentul Post Office. We saw some interesting sights.

Public phones in Sentul. I haven't seen anything like them anywhere else in KL. Maybe I don't get out much, I don't know.
Inside the post office, pleasantly uncrowded, unlike the one in TTDI!
Now you can personalize stamps for special ocassions - newborn baby, birthday, graduation, wedding, mother's day and anniversaries! Pretty cool I thought.
Sara wanted a bun from this tuck shop down the block from the post office. The shopkeeper kindly allowed me to take his picture! But his wife didn't want to be in it.
You can't see it on here, but there were two disposable diapers drying on that jemuran. Recycling disposable diapers. Yay, Malaysians boleh!
Yes, it smells as unpleasant as it looks or as intriguing as it looks... as you like. The guy was spraying that thingamijig silver. He wanted to pose but I said no, I wanted to capture him in action :)

Someone had put their clothes out to dry while we were away at the post office. Parking here was wherever you see a big enough spot for your car. No parking meters to feed coins.

Sara read this sign and asked me what building it was. I said what do you think. She said, Is it a lady police's office? Directly translated Ibu is mother, Pejabat is office and Polis is police. I can only imagine what she thought of those words!! I told her it's like saying it's the mother office, only the word in English is headquarters.

I got this book this afternoon. I have to finish it before the weekend is over. No problem. It looks like an interesting read.
Salad before dinner - rambutan slivers (yay!!!), lettuce, green apple slices, walnut and lots of sunflower seeds, and my own olive oil, calamansi juice, salt and pepper dressing.. yummy

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