Tuesday, June 24, 2008

eating out in Sri Hartamas

Went for dinner at Sould Out w Trevor and Jensen last Saturday. It was very nice, apart from being a bit too loud; we sat under one of the speakers! We mentioned this to our usher, thinking we could get another table. The nice man misunderstood, he went to the DJ and got him to lower the volume of the guilty speaker instead! It was a slight improvement nonetheless.
That's the soup of the day - I forget it was either mushroom something or chicken something!
Satay appetizer! Delicious. I only had two sticks though - so much food!
Mine was Chicken Vindaloo - didn't realise it was hot! I thought the red was tomato!
Jensen's Lamb Shank - we shared our food as mine was too hot to eat all by myself. Trevor ate most of my chicken! So kasian oh you darlingest! Sorry!
I had most of Trevor's Sweet Sour Fish!
That's Jensen in the reflection taking our picture!

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